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One of the hottest internet radio stations in the area, SWC Radio generates energy and excitement everywhere its heard.

This is live internet broadcasting dedicated to the SPACES WE CREATE. Inspiring men and women to create the lifestyle they desire.  We bring you exciting topics and issues as we see it in today's version of reality.  We are excited about having this venue to discuss the issues we face when decorating and improving homes.  We are committed  to serving our community.

SWC Radio provides live audio & video streams and a library of on-demand videos from all participating members and partners across the country and are available allowing our partners and followers to experience award-winning original content whether at home, the office or on the go. 

The programming on SWC live broadcast is principally a mix of talk shows, discussions, open forums, pop music, oldies but goodies music, contemporary Christian music, gospel, jazz, talent showcases, motivational speeches, and more. 

At SWC live internet streaming, we are focused on providing enriching topics and discussions.  If  you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Our Mission

The purpose of SWC Internet Radio is to act as a networking forum for the community.....


  • To keep you informed of all the SWC activities, community events and on-going projects. 
  • To provide outlets for men and women to define what it takes to create the lifestyle they desire.  
  • To provide a venue to contribute to building relationships and lasting understanding between individuals of all cultures and ages. 
  • To promote the full distribution of information to support home improvements professionals and the communities they serve.